About Buddytruk

Our Mission

Buddytruk is a mobile app, founded in Santa Monica, California in late 2013, that connects you with a buddy, with a truck, to make your moving and delivery needs easier, affordable, and community-oriented. Truck rental companies make a fortune off of their soaring prices for moving truck rentals. Buddytruk provides an alternative to local movers that connects people who are looking for on demand local delivery service and moving help with others in their community that have the vehicle to do the job. We’re dreaming of a future where you can get cheap moving trucks wherever you live, with the help of a buddy.


Don’t Be This Guy

Sometimes asking for help can be awkward or difficult. But doing it yourself can lead to bad decisions and dangerous situations. With a buddy and the right truck, we want you to get your stuff home safe and sound.


Join Team Buddytruk

We’re always looking for driven people to help grow Buddytruk into something truly special. If you think you can help, we want to know!