About Buddytruk Blog

Better with a buddy.


At our core, we are devoted to making the local moving and delivery process friendly, simple, and community-oriented. Buddytruk connects people who have local hauling or delivery needs with others in their community that have the vehicle to do the job. We want to help you get that new cabinet home, haul that Christmas tree back home in time for the holidays, or bring you that mattress your friend was giving away. We want to be the Truk you never had.


Founded in Santa Monica, California in late 2013 by a small band of likeminded 20-somethings, we know how difficult it can be moving from apartment to apartment or lugging that giant electronic back home without a car. From the ease of your mobile phone, we want to bring Social Hauling to the forefront, and seamlessly connect you with the perfect, background-checked driver and their vehicle for your needs.

Buddytruk is currently in development and will be coming to your smart phone soon.