Uncommon Items You Can Recycle

America Recycles Day: 8 Uncommon Items You Can Recycle

This Sunday, November 15th is America Recycles Day! Thankfully there is such a holiday and the many national efforts out there to encourage people to recycle. Still, even the most common items are being thrown away. For instance, every year, Americans throw away about 25 billion Styrofoam coffee cups and 38 billion plastic bags. That’s a lot of recyclable materials being tossed!

Buddytruk is encouraging you to recycle by offering a FREE ride for you recycling items to recycling centers on Monday November 16th. In addition to cardboard, glass, and plastic items, we put together an additional list of more uncommon items you can recycle that Buddytruk will pick up for you on this Monday for free:

  • Packing Peanuts/ Styrofoam Food Containers: These items are often tossed in regular trash when they are very toxic for the environment! Thankfully, they are very recyclable. Usually recycling centers just ask that styrofoam food containers be cleaned out before you recycle.
  • Tennis Shoes: Nike has done a wonderful job with their “Reuse-A-Shoe” program to turn tennis shoes to make surfaces to play on. So far, they’ve turned 28 million sneakers into 632,000,000 square feet of tracks, fields, and playgrounds. How awesome it that?!
  • Batteries and Cellphones: Most Americans are not on their first cellphone, which means we’re holding onto relics we no longer need. Batteries, too, are an item we all have but may not be sure what to do with. Chemicals like cadmium in batteries make throwing them away extremely toxic to the environment. There are plenty of programs designed to put cellphones and batteries back into the manufacturing end of the cycle, and keep them from polluting our planet.
  • Old Electronics: Besides phones, many households currently hold old TVs, iPods, cables, vhs tapes, computers, and the like that they have no use for. Unfortunately, we all see many of these items end up in the garbage or sitting on the side of the street. These can, and are, recycled in large amounts. Don’t throw it away, recycle it!
  • Plastic Bags: Many grocery stores have put programs in motion to move away from using plastic bags. In Los Angeles, it is even outlawed, but we often end up with bags on-hand from other places like malls, specialty shops, and even restaurant take out. Thankfully, there are programs specifically made to take in these bags so they don’t end up in a landfill or suffocating wildlife!
  • Paint: Most people don’t know that about 10% of paint bought in the U.S. will be thrown away. Please, DO NOT put paint in your regular trash. Paint can absolutely be reused. Cities like Austin have created a “reblend” program to help and give paint back to individuals and nonprofit companies, instead of wasting it.
  • Building Materials: There are so many odds-and-ends items that we may no longer need, but aren’t sure how to dispose of them. Many of them are highly hazardous materials that should NOT be thrown away in the regular trash. Programs have been adopted in cities to properly handle these materials by reuse and recycling. Accepted materials include tiles, concrete slabs, bricks, cleaning products, automotive fluids and oil filters, fluorescent light bulbs, batteries (car and household), pesticides and herbicides, mercury, aerosol cans, pool chemicals, cooking oil, propane cylinders, and scrap metal.
  • Glasses: While you may no need for your old glasses in the future, they still have a whole life ahead of them! Your old glasses could change someone’s life. Thankfully, organizations like Lion’s Club have set up a nationwide program to accept and reuse glasses so they can. Help give someone else the gift of vision by recycling your old reading glasses.
  • Please take the time this weekend to go through your items and organize, and request a Buddy Monday morning using the coupon code “RECYCLE” to pick them up.

Take a little time to try to save the world with us and in the mean time, enjoy your weekend! 🙂