Top The Social Hauling Experience

Top The Social Hauling Experience

It was because of our own holy-moly-moving-is-the-worst-thing-in-the-world experiences that we created buddyTruk and aimed to take Social Hauling (community-oriented hauling and moving) mainstream. We hated having to bug friends to help us move or spend ungodly amounts of money for a short-term truck rental.

All of which bring us to our first experience in Social Hauling – helping our new friend Maeve move!

Maeve needed help getting her mattress into her new apartment in Hollywood, but, like many folks, doesn’t own a car big enough to do the local hauling herself. Being the friend of a friend, we wanted to put Social Hauling on the fast-track and help her out when she needed the help the most, without her having to search for a moving company or spend an unnecessary amount of money.

Although we began the day as strangers, Maeve found the experience unexpectedly positive.

“BuddyTruk was amazing. I enjoyed moving this time instead of dreading it. I love the idea of Social Hauling – it’s quick and easy!” – Maeve

We agree, Maeve.  We agree.

Even though the buddyTruk app isn’t available for download quite yet, our first experience in Social Hauling has shown us just how strong of an impact buddyTruk will make on all of our local hauling and moving experiences.  We’ve all been there, dealing with that terrifying move, and we don’t ever want you to experience that again.

Here’s to Social Hauling!