What is Social Hauling?

What is Social Hauling?

Social Hauling – Given our personal experiences moving from apartment to apartment or hauling furniture back home (which always resulted in bugging friends incessantly for help or overspending on a truck rental), we wanted to create a movement that made the moving process friendly, simple, fun, and community-oriented. We like to call it Social Hauling.

No longer will you have to deal with a fragmented industry full of overpriced rentals or search for the right-sized vehicle for your hauling or moving need. Social Hauling is all about conveniently connecting you with a local driver and their vehicle without the hassle or the outrageous cost.

Social Hauling is going to change the way you move.

With just a touch of internet access, Social Hauling will make moving and hauling something we no longer dread, but something that is convenient, economical, and helps the local mom and pop movers rather than the big guys. Social Hauling is going to change the way you move – and it’s only with buddyTruk.

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