Last-mile, On-demand.

1-hr pickups starting at $40.

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About Buddytruk

Buddytruk utilizes its crowd-sourced fleet of “Buddies with trucks” to give our partner stores on-demand delivery, at a fraction of the cost. At only $1/min + $1/mile, our deliveries tend to cost less than HALF of traditional last-mile delivery. And the best part? We'll be at your store within the hour, so say goodbye to crowded stock rooms and impatient customers.

On-demand Delivery

On average, we will arrive 42 minutes after a delivery is requested. No more waiting 3-5 business days for your delivery company to show up, or having to explain to your members that the delivery company is "late again."

Half the Price

Our users tend to save close to 50% on delivery. Buddytruk deliveries are based on time and distance, not a high flat rate, and average between $40 - $60. If you or your customers want to get a quote first, you can always get one at

Your Products, Our Liability

We believe in treating your items as if they were our own. All items delivered by Buddytruk are checked at both Pickup and Dropoff to ensure no damages have occured, and are fully insured up to $25,000 per item with Buddytruk. And if we mess up, we will return the item(s), at no cost, back to your store.

By the Numbers


Years of Waiting Saved by Using Buddytruk for Delivery.


Dollars Saved in Delivery Fees Compared to the Previous Delivery Service.


Buddies In Our Network, Ready to Help on a Moment's Notice.


Stores that Trust Buddytruk for their Delivery Needs.

The Buddytruk Difference

See what on-demand delivery can do for you.

1-hr Pickups

On average, we arrive 42 minutes after an order is placed. Say good-bye to next-day, or next-week, pickups, and say hello to "out the door within the hour!"

Tight Dropoff Windows

No more waiting around wondering when the delivery will arrive. If you or a customer schedules in advance, we will be there in the pre-determined 1-hour window, not "Saturday before 3."

No Cost to You

The days of subsiziding part or all of your high delivery costs are over. With an average delivery fee of only $50, there's no need to mark down delivery to make the sale.

100% Transparency

You will have access to your own delivery dashboard, where you will be able to see in real-time where your Buddies are, what's been delivered, and more!

Fully Customizable

Want to create pickup instructions specifically for your store? Now you can! From your dashboard, you can set pickup hours, requirements for pickup (i.e. - receipt number), and more!

7 day Support

Over and above our normal Customer Support hotline, your store will have a designated Community Manager who you can contact with questions any time!

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