As long as you are at least 18 years old, have an iOS or Android device and need moving help, you can sign up to become a user.
After requesting a pickup on the Buddytruk app, your Buddy will arrive at your pickup location and help you haul your item(s) to a specified drop-off location. Our Buddies are not only there to transport your items, but they help you load and unload your items too. Unlike with moving truck rentals, we do it with you, because moving is always better with a Buddy!
The Buddytruk app is completely cashless, making it easy-to-use and hassle-free. Simply add your payment info to your profile, and your card will automatically be charged once you submit your payment. The algorithm that calculates the transaction cost is based on distance and time. The time component is $1.00/min. The distance component is $1.00/mile, plus a $2 flat cargo safety fee. A short or quick transaction won't be expensive, but an hour-long transaction could average between $60-70. We do have a minimum charge of $40 to make sure our buddies are always fairly compensated.
When your driver "Accepts" your request, you will see the Buddies name, photo, and picture of their vehicle, making it easy to recognize them when they arrive at the pickup location. There will also be a "Call" option with your driver after the driver accepts your request. If the person who comes to help is not the driver pictured, please decline their request to help and email [email protected] immediately.
If items are lost, damaged, or stolen during a move or a haul, we recommend emailing us at [email protected] immediately and we will contact you as soon as possible to go over the claim process. If you are concerned that an item has been stolen, we recommend contacting the police and filing a report as well.
The Buddytruk app was designed as an alternative to local movers for on-demand hauling and moving of your items, not yourself. Therefore, this is exactly what our insurance coverage for you is geared toward. Any Buddy who transports a user during the transaction, is doing so completely under their own personal insurance and liability. This is not a service that Buddytruk provides. This breaches your agreement with Buddytruk. Please use your best judgment and proceed with caution before getting in the vehicle with another person.
If all Buddytruk Buddies are unavailable, you will be put into a queue. The next available driver will then be prompted to your request.
Keep a look out for the tip option at the end of the transaction to add on a little extra for your driver! Buddies will receive 100% of the tip.
Buddytruk and its insurance policies do not cover any transportation of pets.
You can certainly enter in a request for a friend. We ask that you please call the Buddy upon request and inform them beforehand, that way they know who they're looking for! Keep in mind, if you request a pickup from your account, the transaction will also charge your credit card on file.
Packing should certainly be done before your Buddytruk Buddy arrives at the pickup location, but they can offer a helping hand as well. The more time the transaction takes, the more expensive the transaction will be, so it will certainly be better to pack beforehand.
We encourage our users to use their best efforts and judgment in packing their items to ensure a safe delivery. Of course, our Buddies may be able to assist in the process; but, please note that our Buddies will not be carrying any packing supplies and any additional time incurred in the packing process, will increase the cost of the local delivery service.
After each transaction, you'll be subject to a rating from the user. Buddies with too low of a rating could be subject to dismissal from Buddytruk. Buddy ratings can change with every transaction.
The Buddytruk app is technically operational 24/7, but our support hotline is open from 9AM- 6PM PST, 7 days a week. You can email us at [email protected] or text us at (310) 896-4913.
Every Buddy comes supplied with one hand truck/ dolly, four straps for securing your items, and two padded blankets for insulation and protection of your items.
If you would like to contact us about partnership opportunities with Buddytruk, please contact us at [email protected]
Buddytruk has a strict zero tolerance drug and alcohol policy. If you suspect that a Buddytruk Buddy is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, please email [email protected] or call the police.
In the app, migrate to the payment screen. At the bottom of this screen will be a section where you can input your promo code. Your promo code will automatically be applied to your next transaction.
Yes, there is a minimum transaction cost of $40. Compared to the astronomical cost of local movers, that's a steal!
Any and all questions related to pay can be sent to [email protected]
The trucks are the sole property of the Buddy, not Buddytruk. Therefore, Buddytruk does not rent out any vehicles. Buddytruk trucks are better than moving truck rentals: no worries about gas, rental fees, or return!
If you have any questions or need any clarification on our moving help and local delivery service, you can always e-mail us at [email protected] and we'll be in contact with you as soon as possible.
Being a Buddy is super easy! Head over to the Buddy application page, fill it out, and we will be in touch shortly to go over the process. You can also fill out a Buddy application in the side menu of your iPhone app by selecting driver mode.
As a Buddytruk Buddy, your main responsibilities will be to pick up the user's item(s) and deliver the item(s) to the specified location, as providing extra moving help by loading and unloading the item(s) if necessary. Above all, it is the responsibility of the Buddytruk Buddy to act as a helping hand to the user.
Transactions will vary. Some users may simply ask you to haul an item from point A to point B, whereas some transactions may require you to help move a heavy object. Please make sure you view the picture of the item being delivered and are comfortable moving that item before accepting the delivery. If the item looks too large for your vehicle or too heavy to carry, simply decline the request. Keep in mind, the longer the move or haul, the more you'll get paid!
Buddies must be 21 years of age, have a strong driving record, and must be able to lift 50 lbs. We perform thorough DMV and criminal background checks on every driver applicant. A Buddytruk team member will also provide a vehicle questionnaire addressing the condition of the vehicle as well.
Safety is our number one priority at Buddytruk and we understand that your safety is most important. All of our Buddytruk Buddies are covered under their own valid auto insurance policies. Each Buddy is also covered on a $1,000,000 contingent auto liability policy, which apply in the event of a loss when the Buddies personal insurance limits are exhausted.
At Buddytruk, we believe in paying a person, not a large moving company or external delivery service. Therefore, our Buddytruk Buddies keep 70% of all the transaction fees. The transaction price is calculated using an algorithm, which includes the time of the haul and the distance between the pickup and drop-off locations, as well as other variables. Buddies will be paid on a 2-day rolling basis by direct deposit to their bank account. Compensation cannot be paid in cash or check. A short or quick transaction won't be expensive, but an hour-long transaction could average between $40-$60. It all depends on time and distance.
When a user requests a pickup, the Buddy will receive a notification for a pickup request on their iPhone or Android. If the Buddy can perform the pickup, they will select "Accept" and will then be prompted to make their way to the pickup location. However, if you are unable to perform the haul or move that is requested, you can simply ignore the request and the next Buddy will receive the pickup notification. All active Buddies will receive a push notification when a new transaction is available. These requests will be sent via push notifications.
Prior to submitting a pickup request, the user will take a picture of the item(s) and is encouraged to give a brief description of what needs to be moved, which will then be sent to the Buddy along with the pickup request. This allows the Buddy to prepare for the requested pickup. When they go into the app, all relevant info will be shown. The Buddy can then choose to accept the transaction or click the back arrow if, for instance, the user has an item that the Buddies vehicle cannot accommodate.
Any Buddy who transports a user during the transaction, is doing so completely under their own personal insurance and liability. This is not a service that Buddytruk provides and that Buddy can be subject to dismissal from the Buddytruk platform. As a Buddytruk Buddy, your main goal is to haul the item(s) from the pickup to drop-off locations, which is exactly what our $1,000,000 liability insurance policy covers. Our policy goes into effect once the individual policy limits of the Buddies insurance carrier are exhausted.
After receiving a pickup request and arriving at the pickup location, you will help haul the user's item(s) to a specified drop-off location. They may need help loading and unloading the items; remember you are there to lend a helping hand as well.
If a Buddy would like to be available for pickups, they would need to log into the app. As long as you are logged into the app and you don't close out of the app, you will still be notified of pickup requests. This means you can surf the Internet, message your friends, or make phone calls, and still receive notifications. Voila, you are now an available Buddy!
Simply log out of the app in the Profile section of the app and you will no longer receive notifications for pickups. Make sure to log back in whenever you are ready to accept transactions again!
With Buddytruk, all Buddies make their own schedule. We encourage being logged in as often as possible so you receive more pickups! Pickups will be available all day, but the hours are subject to change.
Buddies are responsible for their own hauling and moving equipment like gloves, tools, tarps, ropes, red flags, and any other related supplies.
After each transaction, you'll be subject to a rating from the user. Buddies with too low of a rating could be subject to dismissal from Buddytruk. Buddy ratings can change with every transaction.
Each Buddy is insured under their own automotive insurance policy. Therefore, if a claim needs to be made, it must be done so with their own insurance company. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can contact [email protected]